Why Us?

AMBOI! is founded with the cause to bring the traditional specialty of Indonesian cakes to an international audience, as is in point now, Malaysia. AMBOI!’s mission is to generate wider awareness and appreciation from the Malaysian audience towards the uniqueness and exoticity of traditional Indonesian cake culture.

We pride ourselves in making the Lapis Legit and Bika Ambon with utmost care and control over our workmanship. AMBOI!’s Lapis Legit is known for its velvety thin layers that add up into a structure of a delicately compact Indonesian spice layered cake, as a result of a constant guard for no air bubbles to be found between each layer of the cake batter in the process of baking. Originally a Dutch spiced butter cake, AMBOI!’s Indonesian Lapis Legit also inherited the Dutch blend of spices in the local rendition – an exotic mixture of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, which is known as the Spekkoek spice blend. These spices are imported specially from the Netherlands to guarantee a taste of authenticity of a traditional Lapis Legit.

AMBOI!’s Lapis Legit takes high pride in the use of premium double-churned butter in the making of the Lapis Legit cake which results in a painstakingly rich, silky texture, as well as creamy, buttery flavours packed full in the carefully layered, compact structure of the beautifully crafted Lapis Legit. The use of pure egg yolks in the cake batter further enhances the dense, velvety textures of the cake, making it an overall wholesome treat to both the mouth and stomach.

The Bika Ambon is an Indonesian honeycomb cake which is popularly found in the region of Medan, North Sumatra. In Malaysian terms, it is a similar counterpart of the Kuih Bingka. However, it is not to be mistaken as being identical as the Bika Ambon holds a completely different texture from the former. The Bika Ambon has a moist, fluffy uniform honeycomb structure within the cake itself as opposed to a starchy and powdery tapioca kuih. It is a gluten-free dessert as it is made with gluten-free ingredients such as tapioca flour, eggs and coconut milk, which is most suitable for the likes and preferences of those who have specific diet restrictions.

For a taste of a traditional regional sweet treat, try AMBOI!’s proud Indonesian creations of the classic Lapis Legit and Bika Ambon to enjoy an authentic bite of Medan, North Sumatra.